gays on trays

p-sstake name for snow boarders
“the slopes were full of gays on trays”

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    more of the same sh-t. used primarily in terms of describing video games, movies, music, and other media… how is the new grand theft auto? motss.

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    if you have ever met someone from georgetown you have met at minimum two people from georgetown because they never separate. every major university in the state of texas has a large contingency of eagle followers that will be more then happy to let you know how much more bad -ss georgetown is then wherever […]

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    when someone holds toilet tissue against their -ss in the restroom to stop excessive noise. it was the first time i was at her house so i used the bathroom and decided to m-ffle fart, because i really liked her.

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    the term used to define someone who get paraletically drunk, and will proceed to munt everywere, and generally riducule themselves to the lowest level of self esteem did you see josh last night? yeh he was a right muntyface

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