a term for a h-m-s-xual gangster.
“that guy is a g-ysta.”
a person of the h-m-s-xual community who while maintaining their s-xual status, is still considered among all to be gully, street, and of the utmost gangsta status as well
g-y g-ysta
a g-ysta is an individual who thinks he/she is tough but in actual fact is a little community clown.g-ysta’s can be found all over the world, colour, creed, and race is not restricted.these are the type of people who put on a hardcore front just to act tough,gangsta and etc.these people will act hard in packs but when they are alone their whole character is compromised/changed with the exchange of a few words.alot of g-ysta’s have taken over the net, mysp-ce has its own unique kind, called the ”mysp-ce warriors’, youtube, the ”youtube hooligans”, wheras yahoo has the ”usb gun bangers/shooters” aka hackers.this definition is brought to you by ali aka your dad aka the king fresh outta birmingham.
this definition for ‘g-ysta’ can be applied to many different situations, so f-ck an example, make one up.
phony -ss gangstas
u r a wack -ss g-ysta

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