the act of when a bunch of naked h-m-s-xuals pile on top of each other with their p-n-s’s in each other’s b-tt’s.
the h-m-s-xuals made a gaystack.

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  • sebulonka

    an awesome person, who happens to be a ginger, everyone loves his cool hair. and his sebbyness. amazing at guitar hero. wow he’s so amazing, yeah he’s a total sebulonka.

  • sneez-it

    the act of sneezing so hard that sh-t comes blasting out of your -ss. when not wearing panties a sneez-it can projectile sh-t on the closest person or object. poor dude, his chick has the sneez-its, she sneezed so hard that sh-t blasted out all over him. next time he better make her wear some […]

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    g-d’s way of telling you not to leave things in your cooch for more than six hours. “you might want to change that tampon or you’ll get tss.”

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