socio-politial wing of the lgbt community, characterized by affluent, white, cis-normative, gay men who view all other “lgbt” groups as inferior and a political liability. characterized by their disdain for trans- people, lesbians, and lgbt people of color, and persistant belief that marriage equality is the only legal issue facing the lgbt community, while unemployment discrimination and disease go ignored.
the gaytriarchy loves drag queens, but is severly phobic of trans women.
when h-m-s-xual att-tudes become greatly accept by society, that they influence the behaviour of heteros-xual people. the prevalence of metros-xuality can be attributed to the gaytriarchy, where straight males have become self-conscious about their appearance and go through beauty rituals every morning in order to preserve their youthful aurora.
the gaytriarchy has gotten to jamie, it took him 45 minutes to moisturise and pluck his eyebrows.

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