bigger and more enormous than galore
there are s-xy women in this club gazore

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    any suggestive courtesy extended to a man by a woman as a show of grat-tude for non-s-xual services offered. i got major stripper privileges when i was helping jessica get rid of a virus on her computer. she kept leaning over the back of the chair, resting her breats on my shoulder. kerri hooked me […]


    go die; in a fire please michael: lol atc atc qq in b4 qq!! tyler: you’re so annoying! gd:iafp!!

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    a piece of sh-t ripoff of the bedazzler. this product allows average people who know nothing about fashion to add cheap plastic gemstones to clothing and almost anything else. this is the reason that soccer moms have cats gemmed all over their 4xl t-shirts. created by cathy mitch-ll – the last woman you’d ever take […]

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    a play on words of 50 cent’s first alb-m with shady aftermath, “get b-tched or die trying”. “man, f-ck 50 cent! f-ck g unot! more like get b-tched and die trying!”

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