good day to be alive
it’s so pretty outside! #gdtba

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  • happenings

    an art event, often staged or pre-scripted, that requires active partic-p-tion from an audience to come to full fruition. fluxus art involved the viewer, relying on the element of chance to shape the ultimate outcome of the piece. the use of chance was also employed by dada, marcel duchamp, and other performance art of the […]

  • yee head

    “yee head” is a slang word founded in northeast georgia meaning redneck or country person. that guy blake is a yee head.

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    incest lover f-ggot, raped over 69 people in prison god, he’s such a huilotl.

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    arquero is the awkward turtle. if you have ever been in an awkward situation then you have already met arquero the awkward and for some reason mexican turtle girl walks up behind guy1 girl: hey we still on for this weekend *kisses guy on the head* guy turns around guy: who are you *girl realizes […]

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