a combination of a nerd and a geek.

geeerds was created by nicolas djondo
geeerds laugh heartily as they ‘splode your mind.

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  • b*n*r water

    a swimming pool with g-y guys in it. that pool over there has b-n-r water in it.

  • bebet

    the girl that smiles a lot. she’s really friendly and has a lot to give and receive. she’s there for you when you need someone totally to. she loves to laugh, but don’t make fun of her name unless you have a death wish and want to get on her bad side. she loves to […]

  • sevaria

    sevaria may be small but is the sweetest girl ever.when she is stressed don’t be alarmed, that’s just telling you she is working hard.she is a genius even though she dosnt think that. 😁😁😁😜😜😜 sevaria; hey guys gavin;uh hey sevaria😅😶

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