a female follower of the well known chat board moderator, the geezer.
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  • antinegrite

    jewish people have a way of discouraging behavior that enures to their detriment without having to delve into the murky motivations of the actor– they term the act “antisemitic,” and the actor is therefore “antisemitic.” it’s time that blacks have a similar semantic tool. too often when debating racial politics, we get bogged down into […]

  • anti-smile

    an anti-smile is a facial expression caused by excessive consumption of ecstacy or mdma. the anti-smile will usually manifest itself during the come-down period – the person appears to be smiling upside down. 1. matey must be off his box, look at that anti-smile. 2. oi bruv, wat wrong with your mate? nothin, hes just […]

  • William and Mary

    a public college in virginia; home of the tribe. william and mary, a poem: “virginia tech’s for hicks and rednecks, and the bigoted prigs are all ‘hoos; potheads will state that vcu’s great, and james madison takes 1.2’s… if you’re looking for schools without rednecks or tools where we’re smart and we aren’t all on […]

  • cueshe

    (1)cr-ppy, overrated, (2)the state of being talentless (3)the state of being gay (1)that radio you bought sure is cueshe. it broke down after an hour. (2) that band is cueshe, they suck big time. (3) man, he sure is cueshe, we caught him making out with another guy.

  • Spread the Red

    spreading your b-ttcheeks to reveal your red puckering -n-s, ususally done when someone is least expecting it i spread the red for ryan and he started gagging like he was going to puke, but then he asked to see it again!

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