a hot bot which is loved and caressed by its family. it’s also sensitive so it tends to stay away from hurtful individuals.
don’t worry gefence, you’re safe here with us.

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  • dick lorde

    the meaning pertaining that of which a f-ggot loves d-ck too much that its all he talks about. n-gg- 1: yo my d-cks huge n-gg- 2: stfu d-ck lorde

  • slater special

    eating your own c-m out of a womans -sshole sally said we could only do -n-l if i gave her the “slater special”

  • white toes

    it means good p-ssy guy 1: should i smash? guy 2: she’s got white toes, you know what that means…..

  • holiday wanker

    someone who constantly post on social media whilst on holiday, at the airport, at the beach, by the pool… laura’s away again being a right holiday w-nker

  • glarious

    when something is glaringly obvious can you check this to make sure there is nothing glaringly obvious that i have missed. can you please check this to make sure there is nothing glarious that i have missed.

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