a combining form of genesis:
combining form
indicating genesis, development, or generation biogenesis, parthenogenesis
derived forms
word origin

-genesis suff.
origin; production: biogenesis.

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  • -genic

    a combining form often corresponding to nouns ending in -gen, or -geny, with the following senses: “producing or causing” (hallucinogenic); “produced or caused by” (cosmogenic); “pertaining to a gene or genes” (polygenic); “pertaining to suitability for reproduction by a medium” (telegenic). -genic combining form relating to production or generation carcinogenic well suited to or suitable […]

  • -genin

    -genin suff. relating to a steroid, often one that is toxic: sapogenin.

  • -genous

    a suffix of adjectives corresponding to nouns with stems in -gen: erogenous . -genous combining form yielding or generating androgenous, erogenous generated by or issuing from endogenous word origin -genous suff. producing; generating: hematogenous. produced by or produced in a specified manner: exogenous.

  • -geny

    a combining form meaning “origin,” used in the formation of compound words: phylogeny. -geny combining form indicating origin or manner of development phylogeny derived forms word origin -geny suff. production; generation; origin: ontogeny.

  • -gerous

    a combining form meaning “bearing,” “producing,” used in the formation of compound words: setigerous. -gerous combining form bearing or producing armigerous compare -ferous word origin

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