a confused j-panese man in cyborg armor.
you know that guy dave? he’s a genjo main.

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  • beer death experience

    the point in the night or early morning that one cannot taste the flavor of the beer they are drinking because they have drank so many. it is very unfortunate. laura’s recent beer death experience truly caused her to rethink her choices and she returned to simply getting stoned.

  • retromodernism

    1950’s retrofuturism retromodernism is a past future

  • beauticutexyble

    an adjective describing something or someone who is: beautiful, cute, s-xy and adorable. ashley is so beauticutexyble

  • juuzou

    a very s-xy member of organization, ccg, portrayed in the anime tokyo ghoul. juuzou is cute, nice, and very psychotic. guy: yo did you see juuzou on last night’s episode? guy #2: yeah he was so cute and crazy!

  • bongstand

    like the kegstand… but with a bong “i think we may have just invented something” micah do a bongstand

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