gent’s dad

“gent’s dad” is a term used to describe an utter kosovan legend who does nothing but care for his son who, in return, punches his tv screen, decieves him (throwing up after mad parties and not telling) and spends hundreds od hours playing csgo. gent’s dad cares so much for his son that he took lessons, helping him to develop an english accent. he then uses this in gent’s maths lessons, imitating his teacher, without gent noticing, to keep an eye on his beloved son.
gent’s dad ~

gent: my dad’s picking me up at four cos that’s when his break is for his taxi job.
comedian: that’s funny i thought mr.deacon was doing a maths revision cl-ss at four today?
gent: ahk ka bahhhk kkanqoa lzkw nselquof (kosovan)

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