geoffrey ma

a term used to describe an amazing person. can be used negatively and positively
wow! you’re a genius! a true geoffrey ma! or how could you get that wrong? you’re such a geoffrey ma!

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    the state of remorse after eating too much pasta “oh man, i’m having from serious regretti right now” “dude, did you eat to much pasta again?”

  • sheriefing

    the act of being super productive while being consistently high on dabs. johney tried sheriefing yesterday but instead just played video games.

  • hoesband

    what you become when you successfully convert a hoe to be your wife mush: hey yo! who is kanye to kim? maurys: he is her hoesband.

  • pinu adikkuka

    the act of boasting and challenging impossible especially in a hilarious way. this urban phrase is quite popular in kerala, india and among malayalee diaspora. he is pinu adikkunnu, can also used as {pinu adikkaran, pinu adikkuka }

  • jason baggett

    that fat f-ck that keeps in everyone’s bussiness. f-cking jason baggett told me all about my gf cheating on me, and we only started dating yesterday!

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