Geometry Class

a place in which about 20 people get together and text message, sleep, and eat, while a man or woman speaks gibberish.
]geometry cl-ss] is boring as f-ck
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this is where you learn about numerous boring things like soh-cah-toa, the pythagorean theorem, and dumb -ss postulates, among other things that you will have to learn throughout the year-or years of you being in geometry. it is very amusing, though. sometimes, the girls and boys like to bring used condoms and tampons to cl-ss and drop them on her floor so they can brag that they are doing it or just got their period. then, we get this whole big lecture about human s-xuality, stds, and the female reproductive system.
teacher: “it’s okay if you’re having s-x, but do you all have to show it, especially in geometry cl-ss? can’t you wait until health or something?”
students: “why not? we like showing off our colorful used tampons and s-m-n-filled condoms to you.”
teacher: “you’re all so sick! stds are diseases that just keep on giving. one of my friends has genital warts. she became infertile and her husband divorced her.”
me: “why, excuse me miss, but why are you telling your friend’s business?”
teacher: “i need my midol!”

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