the most pointless form of math ever devised. it involves shapes, planes, and lots of proofs. has no real use, although teachers like to say it does. is no help to anyone.
geometry cl-ss is just another chance to take a 55-minute nap, and fail the cl-ss because your chances of understand and excelling at it are nearly zero.
1.) the most horrible cl-ss ever devised
2.) a chance to fire up your ipod during school and jam for an hour
3.) can you say text messaging!
4.) when geo- meaning really hard and metry- meaning there is no way you can p-ss the cl-ss, come together and ruin your gpa
im totally failing geometry!
a form of mathematics that has few real life applications apart from architecture, contruction, physics, astronomy, and other mathmatical sciences.
why do we have to take geometry mrs. brunk?

it helps you learn how to think.

why is this a math cl-ss?

because geometry is math.

why to we have to take geometry mrs. brunk?
1. n. an exotic form of torture
2. v. to impose geometric reasoning upon one’s student or advisary.
1. n. i had to go to geometry at 8:00 in the morning. i think i’ll kill myself now.
2. v. my geometry teacher geometried me. it hurt.
1. a really stupid cl-ss that n-body could ever p-ss or understand, even if they got a hundred and ten on their algebra test.

2. the purest form of torture that usually devils only teach

3. the cl-ss that most sociable people talk, p-ss notes, text, sleep ect. in.

4. a word that makes most cry, get bored to death, go jump off a cliff, or perhaps even kick their ugly math teacher.

5. another word for sickness or death or weirdness or something

6. something that teachers say has to do with math, but really doesn’t have cr-p to do with any sort of math typed thing. in fact, it is only a period of complete uselessness. (see def. #3)

“i suffered a terrible geometry the other day. yes, it left me nearly lifeless.”

our teacher had us wave papers in the air and say “geometria” in some type of cannibal chant.

he said geometry and i burst into tears.
the mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.
a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

1. a mind-numbing cl-ss which will leave any student’s head spinning.

2. what kagome hates above all else!
1. teacher, will you please let me torch my geometry book?

2. “i hate geometry” – kagome

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