a big d-ck mf
he is a geordan

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  • cheap walmart hooker

    1. a hooker that hangs around walmart 2 a sl-t the walks around walmart all day looking for someone to f-ck 3 an insult that started online often implying someone’s mom is a hooker 1 hey ben look at the cheap walmart hookers i bet you can hire one later tonight 2 that lady’s such […]

  • Scrotum Comb

    the act of using ones gangly, caveman-like hands to scratch ones dirty b-llsack, then attempting to go about your daily business without washing your hands. hey dude, i wouldn’t get ice out of that machine, mike just used his scr-t-m comb to fill his cup up.

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  • aphie

    an asian girl who probably wears gl-sses and has a fascination over white boys “hey you see that girl over there?” “yeah that’s aphie, she’s better at math than you”

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