George ade

george, 1866–1944, u.s. humorist.
historical examples

george ade, the best of them all, has shown us how the wise ones of chicago think and speak.
american sketches charles whibley

george ade, automobiling in indiana, dined at a country hotel among a roomful of ministers.
among the humorists and after dinner speakers, vol. i various

george ade, the “funny man,” is independent financially from the royalties paid him on his copyrights.
how to succeed as an inventor goodwin b. smith

the captions of the george ade fables are uniformly good, and there are other notable exceptions.
a librarian’s open shelf arthur e. bostwick

the whole thing began like mr. george ade’s fable of the author.
love among the chickens p. g. wodehouse

but how about the man whose first selection for this intimate personal group would be a complete set of the works of george ade?
a librarian’s open shelf arthur e. bostwick

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