georgian college

georgian college is conveniently located the farthest away from anything in barrie while still being inside city limits. this college offers programs in healthcare, trades, business, culinary, and engineering while giving the illusion that golfing is a college program. the barrie campus boasts an average bar called the tlc; students flock to tlc because the ranch is more than an hour walk away. house parties in barrie generally have a minimal police presence, due to their mediocre nature. due to a recent snapchat account (mmg) cannabis and sl-ts seem to be a common item(seriously what do you expect from a college?). drinking is the favored pastime by georgian students, closely followed by pretending to be sober for cl-ss. the college also features both on and off campus residences; if you wish to play drinking games without being har-ssed the off campus residence is recommended. the georgian college parking lot features many sh-t-box fart-can ricer cars and there douche bag drivers; as well as kids that can’t park to save their -sses. if you are looking for a college with average everything gc is right for you!
cop 1: there is a house party at 252 cook street, should we respond?
cop 2: give it 20 minutes, the georgian college students will realize it is a sh-t party and leave.
cop 1: what happens if the party gets out of hand and the house buns down?
cop 2: what are the chances of that happening again?

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