it’s that garlic&herb dip.
nothing better than a dominoes with some gerb!
the act or art of being one will ‘gerbs’ rathburger. also akin to being large furry smelly rodent with a distinct love of burgers, b-tches, and reality.
ders: hey, have you seen gerbs?

tb: nah, last i heard he was gerbil jousting

ders: again? that guy is such a big dirty sloppy f-gface

tb: i know, tell me about it
one gram of marijuana
yo im just gonna buy a gerb to smoke
to involuntarily expel a beverage that is in one’s mouth in reaction to a startling, usually humorous, event.
when he said that, i totally gerbed all over my shirt.
a word defined by 2 high school students referring to a guy with a relatively small p-n-s. the term “gerb” is short for gerber. gerber is used as a baby food brand name. therefore, gerb means a person with a baby sized d-ck.
person a. why is that kid so down and depressed?
person b. oh him? i heard he got that gerb.

person with gerb: “i got that big meat!”
-ssociates: “shut up gerb.”
name given to a h-m-s-xual, who like’s to put gerbil’s up their -ss.
your a f-cking gerb, you g-y -ss queer.
gerb is a wildcard. it can be used anywhere, and in any situation. it was originated by.
i gerbed.
i have gerb.
you’re gerb
my name
i went to gerb’s house
i have 7

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