(vb) an imagined act, (obviously h-m-phobic in origin) in which people (presumably gay men) engage in s-xual thrills by inserting a live de-clawed gerbil into the -n-s of the other person (by the means of a tube). urban legend -sserts the frantic movement of the poor furry creature trying to escape causes s-xual stimulation. although the rumors of this practice have been around since the early 1980s, with thousands of google references to this, not one doc-mented case of the practice exists. reference to “gerbilling” is nearly always done with knowledge that the tale is false; it is simply a malicious and hostile disparagement of gay people.
out of all the internet references swearing to the veracity of gerbilling, it is telling that in almost instances, purveyors of the rumors are

>>>anonymous<<< anonoynmous peddling of trashy rumors meant to disparage is really chickensh-t. it is about the lowest thing a person can do. (this entry is not anonynomous -- if you have a problem with it, please feel free to contact me.) having a live rodent or small animal (usually a gerbil) and using some sort of tube, forcing the gerbil into ones -sshole. no medical case has ever been recorded of someone needing to remove a gerbilfrom ones -n-s, so we must now come to the conclusiion that either a) gerbilling doesnt exsist. b) they are very good at getting the thing out afterwards. gerbilling has many famous cases, such as richard gere reportedly having a wild session with the furry animal. for more information i recommend the south park episode "death camp of tolerance" which features rather detailed examples of gerbilling. the hidden line in the song "i will do anything for love". i will do anything for love but i wont do that no i wont do gerbilling with you no i wont do that ....... "im bored, what should we do tonight?" "i dunno, how about you shove that gerbil up my -ss, wait for it to wrigle around and maybe die, then you can pull it out." "so whats on tv again?" the act of stuffing a live gerbil up one's rear-end for s-xual pleasure. usually used with h-m-s-xual males he guy, do you want to go gerbilling tonight? stuffing a tube in one's -n-s and forcing a poor gerbil to die in a persons -ss dude i went gerbiling last nite and the gerbil is still in my -ss a s-xual practice found in urban legends told by heteros-xuals with a sick mind and an over-active imagination. two word. richard gere richard gere did what?! generally performed by h-m-s-xuals; the act of stuffing a gerbil up one's b-tt. once in the folds of the -n-s, the gerbil becomes claustrophobic and claws and digs, giving the h-m-s-xual pleasure. a string is often tied to the gerbil's tail to allow the gerbiller to pull it back out. toilet paper roles may also be used to help launch the gerbil into the h-m-s-xual's b-tt. my gay friend went gerbilling with richard gere.

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