the process of inserting a gerble into a test tube and inserting the test tube into your -n-s to increase s-xual pleasure.
someone told me this story,
i went down to my apartment building to find it surrounded by police officers, so i went up to one and asked them what was going on, he told me that there were two men upstairs who were gerbling and one got stuck in the man’s -n-s, so they were trying to get him to defecate it out along with the feces.
the process of dipping a tampon in alcohol and inserting it in ones r-ct-m. the name coming from the tampons appearance simularitys to a little white mouse. and the actual act of shoving it up your -ss. not unlike the act of gerbling with a rodent and a tube. the alcohol is absorbed faster and easier than being consumed.
hey babe give me a tampon i wanna do some gerbling before cl-ss.
the sound a refrigerator makes when the ice-maker is stuck.
dear, please take a look at the ice-maker, it’s ‘gerbling’ again.

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