german oven

letting out a huge fart while taking a hot shower. the steam intensifies the effect, making it many times worse than normal, basically baking the smell into the walls, shower curtains, and towels.

this is similar to a dutch oven, except much, much, worse, and is a reference to a popular method of execution during the holocaust.
dude, i was taking a shower with my girlfriend and i totally german ovened her. the funny thing is, she’s jewish, so it hit her twice as hard.
with connection to the dutch oven, the german oven has a similar principle, yet the main diference is the gas that is released into the ‘oven’.

as history tell us the german oven will contain zyklon b an will therefore kill the fellow occupant of the bed.

a brutal joke with dark consequences, but it is german after all.
adolf: come into ze bed my pretty -releases german oven-

anne: okay, mein fürher

-anne gets in bed and begins to choke and slowly suffocates while adolf watches on in admiration-
the mechanics and principles are exactly the same as a dutch oven however the act involves following though to lay a fresh p–p.
then one locks the other partic-p-nt (preferably the one who did not do the p–p) under the sheets.
person1 “i can’t believe you followed through trying to dutch oven me.”
person2 “that’s how a german oven works”
a large oven of the walk in variety, unlike a standard wall oven a german oven has standing room for many slavs, jews, gypsies and h-m-s-xuals
there was room for many mondays in the german oven

the german oven had lots of room to clear out the ghetto

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