when two sick peoples haves the s-x
i, having the flu, penetrated my girlfriend whom, also with the flu enjoy said penetration. thus we germinated

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  • sherbaughed

    when you go back and forth between twins “did you know that billy switched from alice to nicky?” “oh my god there getting sherbaughed!”

  • ya mekabel batachat

    a hebrew word for a man that get f-cked in the -ss used as a curse word. lech, ya mekabel batachat, ani azzayen et ima shelcha

  • oral trifecta

    when three men perform oral on each other simultaneously rahn, michael, and tim all live together. they went the the rum house on a friday night then went home and had an oral trifecta.

  • vajuined

    the aftermath of having your v-g-n- ruined during childbirth. after that 10 pound baby, i’ve been vajuined! i hope i’m not overdue or i’ll be vajuined!

  • fittin to fit dat bindle

    when you see the finest slice and just need to eat a piece. when you tryin’ to get up on it. yo, you see that girl over there? i’m fittin’ to fit dat bindle!

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