another word for a bis-xual. likes guys and girls. 💖💙💜
“wow that’s one hot gesbain”

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  • schmootzed

    the ejecting of food, liquid or saliva that is in your mouth after hearing or seeing something hilarious, controversial or shocking. when i heard, i schmootzed soda all over myself that joke was so funny i almost schmootzed.

  • s*x twitch

    a s-x twitch is when you impulsively move or react to a sensation that overcomes the body and overtakes the mind to a point of completion from a s-xual situation or thoughts of stimulation during sleep deprivation…. after four hours of rough, hard, hot, exhausting s-x, as i lay there drained and weak, my body […]

  • t*ttie fl*stered

    the frustration, typically in men, when others are refering to their man b–bs. woman: nice man b–bs! man: they’re not b–bs, they’re pecs! woman: dont get all t-ttie fl-stered, bruce!

  • william christopher

    a savage kid that if you make him your friend, he will betray you and he is planning to build a ship to destroy the world as we know it and in his fantasy dream, which he thinks is real, he is the emperor of the universe. will is a seemingly nice person but he […]

  • dvbbd out

    a coach called kenton who teaches little kids about call of duty. dvbbd out is coach kenton uses videos to teach kids how to do easter egg hunting in call of duty.

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