get a whiff

to look at, get a look at something
come get a whiff of this thiccness

lemme get a whiff of them split ends

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  • getting b*tches

    talking to girls in a more than friendly way and higher tom is getting b-tches lee is getting b-tches

  • jimmyed

    used for a variety of messed up situations she got jimmyed today y’all.

  • stinky jesus

    when a person drags their hand across their b-tthole and smacks you in the face with it. similar to a wet jesus. whenever i try to touch my boyfriend’s -sshole during s-x, he panics and gives me a stinky jesus.

  • awan

    a loser, he pulls no biddies. he’s never loyal and he usually smells pretty bad female: look at that guy awan he’s such a loser

  • maybe ill think about it

    no. “do you wanna hang out with cathy and bobby and watch the bachelor?” ” maybe, i’ll think about it.”

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