get beaned

getting beaned is the worst way to die, suffering the greatest nae nae
i’m not going to kill your going to get beaned

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  • uttering

    the female equivalent to teabagging using her br–sts. my girlfriend started uttering my mouth while i was laying there with my eyes closed. milking a cow or any other animal using only your mouth the b-tter-wench was uttering her favorite goat when the village was raided by an invading horde of wild gypsies.

  • pratichi

    a person who is always hungry if someone else offers. never spend their own money to buy the food. does not offer even some part of food to the one who had bought it. don’t invite him/her. he’s/she’s a pratichi.

  • keizhon

    a gay -ss n-gg- with a small p-n-s and is most likely short af. keizhon is so short.

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    a girl who is a b-tch and acts fake. she is also basic as well. don’t trust her, she’s a fugly sl-t. “don’t be such a richlyn!”

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    “while performing s-xual interco-rs- in a doggy style position” at the moment of -j-c-l-t–n strike the back of your partners head with all the force you can muster up and while they are unconscious throw a pack of ramen noodles on their back and say “thank you g” and run their wallets and belongings before […]

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