get fucked

used by australians to define anything. second most used word there after “c-nt”. can be used when something amazing happens, e.g. timmy cahill scoring a stunner or your mate breaking the speed drinking record of your local pub (also known as the cahillian challenge )
1. “timmy cahill sliding out back…oh get f-cked! get absolutely f-cked!”

2.”i’ve just beaten ol’ mike at ping pong” “get f-cked!”
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1) to express total disrespect to someone.

2) to exclaim disbelief at a statement made by someone else.
1) go get f-cked b-tch – it aint mine.

2) person a: i just won the lotto again!
person b: oh get f-cked you did!
to instruct someone to leave or go away
you, mate can go get f-cked
1.) used to tell someone quickly and precisely that you do not approve of them or their actions

2.) to express one’s immediate feelings of discontent
1.) get f-cked!

2.) i hope your wearing lipstick, cause your gunna get f-cked!
commonly used in australia as a sign of disbelief.
one of the few countries in the world where “get f-cked” is an acceptable start to a sentence.
1: “hey mate, i just won the lottery”
2: get f-cked!
a casual greeting among friends; can mean h-llo or goodbye- a la “alhoa”; esp. when used in cyber/blackberry chatting
moose: “i gotta go do some work here. call you later.”
alistair: “get f-cked.”
an exclamation. said after discovery of, or to provide emphasis on, a stressor that is an extraordinarily negative.

can also be said by jeering peers at a comment or situation.

can be used interchangeably with, “fyl,” or “fml”, respectively.
john: yeah. legit. i have 3 exams tomorrow, it’s 3am. the beat-down begins at 8am.
smith: get f-cked!

john: i just made a bet with a friend that the jets team would win, and they lost. i wagered my college tuition. now i can’t go to school.
smith: really?
john: yeah, get f-cked. can my life be worse?
a drinking game that resembles the card game “mao”. it was innovated by two college students while they were working in muskoka for the summer. the game is based on learning the rules through penalization during game play. the overall objective of the game is to get everyone f-cked as quick as possible.
an 8 reverses the play. if a player plays out of turn, they will be penalized when another player says “get f-cked!”

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