get out more

what i shall do, starting monday.
i have written over 1300 definitions under a variety of names. i think i should get out more!

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  • get the fuck down

    self explanatory get the f-ck down get the f-ck down motherf-cker get the f-ck down f-cking motherf-cker

  • getting clips for my montage

    an excuse used by online gamers when they fail. it originated with the belief anyone could make their own montage. guy1: dude?! why’d you run our there are get shot!? you should’ve just disarmed the bomb! guy2: sorry man, i’m getting clips for my montage.

  • Getting quilted

    when someone drink or ingests alot of nyquil so that he/she may hallucinate and or trip getting some kind or euphoria for fighting off sleep depravation. someone talking to there friend saying im getting quilted tonight bro. meaning hes gonna get high off nyquil

  • get your big

    get your big- means “your trippin” people say “your trippin” so much that it turned into “get your big” wen sum1 iz trippin you say “get your big

  • Ghagha

    this is the written form of a snort of laughter. it has also been known to mean nasally laughter (such as if one has a cold), but this is a less common use. person 1: (genuinely funny joke) person 2: hahaha ghagha person 1: what the.. are you alright? person 2: sorry, i snorted with […]

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