get shit on

said to someone who has just experienced some kind of misfortune.
guy1: my therapist says i’m depressed and i need positive reinforcement so i don’t kill myself.

guy2: get sh-t on.
to get pwned frequently
get sh-t on d’avella!
a phrase used when someone loses or fails epicly. usually used when playing video games, esp. those with multi-player chatting options.
(in cod:mw2)

loser gets knifed six times by the same exact person consecutively.

person-who-knifed: “get sh-t on!”

(world’s hardest game)

you die.

person watching you die: “get sh-t on”
to experience a misfortune, specifically by someone else’s doing either meaningful or not.
-when you hook up with an old flame and you pour in hundreds of dollars and all your time and energy and you buy her nice things and she says she’s in it for the long haul, but then leaves you when you don’t suit her anymore for a mexican and you’re left with nothing but an empty wallet – that’s what it means to get sh-t on.

-“your old best friend is going around town talking smack about you?”
“yeah, he’s just sh-tting on me now for no reason.”

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