get the strap

a boss phrase meaning someone has ticked you off so you’re going to escalate the situation.

popularised by 50 cent’s instagram posts and the show “power”.
“yo man, remember that tenner i lent you last week”
“what tenner?”
“tyrone, get the strap”

“ahhh okay i remember now”
something people say when you p-ss them off and want to do damage to you usually with a gun.
him: sorry sir we ran out of fries.

you to your friend: get the strap
something 50 says
harlem 😡😡 get the strap
phrase conied by 50 cent to be used jokingly or serious strap to used be when catching an l in life
guy 1: my baby mommas boyfriend beat my -ss infront of my kids

guy 2: oh f-k no get the strap my n-gg-

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