get this tea

listen to this gossip…listen to this sh-t
“hoes y’all sleep well if you ain’t honey wake up and get this tea!!”

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  • glamour boy

    a guy who is fierce, fergalicious, and bootylicious, all at the same time. girl 1: dat guy is fierce af. girl 2: f-ck yeah, that’s what we call a glamour boy.

  • gmail

    that thing that everybody has but n-body ever checks. person 1: i’m gonna check my gmail. person 2: dafuq a free web-based email client that gives users 1 gig of storage sp-ce, so that you never have to delete your email(unheard of for free web email). thought to be an april fool’s joke by many […]

  • good job felicia

    when someone displays an epic amount of fail they are congratulated with “good job felicia” “hey did you bring the beer?” “oh, yeah i forgot that.” “good job felicia!”

  • gribbons

    a word commonly said after a sneeze or during a toast. originated from the indigenous indo-jermanic languages. the english term for it is “bless you.” gib meaning bless and bons meaning you. achoo! “gribbons” “thank you”

  • halloween b*n*r

    when a woman or man gets turned on by a woman/man’s halloween costume. you see her costume? i definitely have a halloween b-n-r.

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