a word to define a cool, laid back lad that is based in wales. most “getchins” have red hair and gl-sses.

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  • get d*cked around

    when someone or something gives you therun around. usually is quite frustrating. happens in the instance of a power play between the greater power and the lesser power. outcome varies. louise on a cell phone with her friend: “i’m not sure about this situation, i can’t shake the feeling that i’ll get d-cked around”

  • get correct

    to remedy a hangover with a bong hit or joint. i’m feeling kinda rough but i can probably get to brunch … just gimme a few minutes to get correct. when you’re acting a fool and your woman tells you that you had better “get correct” or else! a mom may tell her unruly teenagers […]

  • get lashed on!

    when your power level is over 9000 in battlefield after killing loads of people! donkiepunchjr:-kills a sh-t load of people- get lashed on!!!

  • getting money everyday i’ma ground hog

    the worst lil wayne line ever. ground hogs don’t get money. if someone figures out why he says that tell me getting money everyday i’ma ground hog is a very stupid line

  • gettro

    a metro pcs cell phone used in the urban setting. i was talking on my gettro on the way to the store.

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