Getting some on the side

when a dude f-cks a woman, or another dude, in their colostomy hole.
“when she got out of the hospital after the accident nothing was open for business below her waist, she had a colostomy”

“that must be awful.”

“yah, he f-cks the hole”

“nice, getting some on the side”

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  • getzinger

    1. a verb used to describe a man that can make a woman -rg-sm more than ten times during s-x. 2. when a woman c-ms more than 10 times in less than an hour. man: “so how’d last night go?” friend: “i f-cking made her getzinger.”


    the word used on a social network site to mimic a growling noise. usually used to represent anger and frustration. gggrrrrrr!!! thats annoying

  • Gharphunkles

    the things that you use when u dont kno what to say to look like a frood frood mother – “so what were you doing with 5 girls in a hot tub??” frood – “uhhh nuthin just gharphunkles” mother – “oh ok, i guess your cooler than i thought”

  • gheddo

    someone very s-xy with amazing skills online and on lan. wow! who do you think you are gheddo?

  • ghetto bed

    a bare mattress on the floor. possibly soiled. “he’s in there lying on his ghetto bed playing video games.” “ben hit that thing up in the spare room on a ghetto bed.”

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