go f-ck a duck you piece of sh-t
after i told him to get out he told me to gfadypos

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  • gfq

    acronym for: good f-cking question bro: hey dude, where are we? dude: gfq, bro!

  • ghetto gallon

    the gallon of cheap iced tea, usually turkey hill that black people and construction workers cart around with them due to its good taste at a cheap price, which lasts all day. another variance is the ghetto half gallon, which some also carry with them. besides iced tea, some also carry kool aid, lemonade, and […]

  • ghetto gormet

    enhancing the most basic meals with a little zazz. for example, taking kd and saucing it up with some cajun spice, ground beef, and shredded swiss for a gormet kd. playa 1: “no way i’m eating raman, dude. that sh-t is nasty.” playa 2: “chill; i’m a ghetto gormet.”

  • ghetto situations

    typical circ-mstances in the ‘hood, such as a prevention of a small service due to a late fee. another definition is a dramatic situation that’s uncommon, but it happens in the ‘hood. for example, being late to a late shift due to a shooting. person 1: ay, hit me up. person 2: ghetto situations; expecting […]

  • country mile

    when country folk refer to a country mile it is considerd to be round 10 miles per country mile..ish…we boonfolk dont really consider distance “i walked a country mile to see earls new truck” a very long distance – mainly said in ess-x omg i’m from ess-x, that dude ran a country mile dude!

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