good game save n’ exit
let’s go play runescape!
no way, ggsne!

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  • cornejo

    noun- the -sshole verb- to have -n-l intercourse you stuck it in her cornejo, didn’t you. you sick f-ck. you totally cornejoed her last night something as mediocre as fish sticks. scott said the latest duran duran alb-m has a very cornejo feel to it.

  • Flossy Bird

    a flossy bird is a cute, hot, and/or s-xy girl that chick is one flossy bird! d-mn i’d like to politely make chit-chat with her!

  • koofi

    muslim hat, seen worn by nas, az

  • Flow Disrupter

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  • my dang

    black people nugga’s viet for black people. d-mn, too many my dangs at this club

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