good hair day…there is also a fantastic hair sraightner called the “ghd” that always helps me have a good hair day!
girl 1:”oh my god how can that girl have a ghd everyday!”

girl 2:”oh she uses the ghd hair straightner”
one word
>gods< ghd's are the best hair straighteners ever you havent lived until you've tried them. 100 pound later 🙂 "wow whys your hair so straight??" "oh i have ghd's" "wow i wish i had them!" grab. his. d-ck -"ugh.. i really wanna get with him but i don't think he likes me.."-"just ghd and he will... 😉 " g.h.d a giant human douche. used when just calling someone a douche isn't enough. or when there isn't enough time to say giant human douche. or if you really like to abreviate man, i hate that guy.ya, what a ghd

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