“gear head of ifunny ”
“wow, look at bigd-ckbilly_ghif. he keeps posting f-cking pictures of cars on a comedy app!”

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  • Ghonaherphasyphilaids

    a disease contracted when multiple std’s combine and genetically modify them selves to become one g-dzilla-like incurable virus. usually is the cause of black hole genitalia. you best be running them ghonaherphasyphilaids they coming to get you!

  • gianterslaush

    a mix between gianni/gianter and wunterslaush/slaush. it is unknown when this word was invented. hey look at that gianter! yeah, he’s such a slaush. hey it’s gianterslaush

  • girly guts

    the pink and fleshy part of a woman between her legs. (aka the frontbottom) hans: “what do you think of the worsening crisis in afghanastan” lars: “don’t bother me now, i’m up to my nuts in girly guts”

  • Giznaine

    something that is the sh-t or realy good a pimp says “that p-ssy is the giznaine” or a baller says “i’m the f-ckin giznaine”

  • glandular disorder

    something 1 out of maybe 100 people has, effectively causing them to be hugely obese. most obese people who say they have one do not and are making excuses for themselves. “n-body will date me because i’m fat!!!”, jeanie wailed as she shoved yet another ho-ho in her mouth. “did you ever try a diet?”,paula […]

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