ghost hit

after inhaling smoke, holding it for an extended period of time, so when you exhale only a little amount or no visible smoke comes out of your mouth/lungs.

useful for smoking weed when you don’t want other people to be able to smell it.
you smoke weed in your dorm room?

yeah, but i just use a one hitter and ghost hit it and still blow it out the window with the fan facing outward and popping popcorn.
taking a mouth hit of a ciggerette, joint, pipe, or any other smoking divce you open ur mouth some times u use ur tounge to push the smoke out then sucking backk all the smoke into ur lungs
just a fancy coolio trick
it kinda looks like a ghost hence the name
dude 1 “dude ghost hits are rad mann”

dude 2 “yeah its the only smoking trick i can do”

dude 1 “ur dumb dude”
when somebody logs out and views your profile on crushspot so their name won’t be visible on your hit list.

it’s usually an admin and/or stalker

but it is definitely a person that does not want you to know who they are!
cs user: i keep getting ghost hits!
admin: we’re working on it.
cs user: when?
admin: we’ll let you know.
when smoking weed, managing to get a good hit from a bowl that is thought to be cashed by others.
dude 1: “don’t bother, it’s beat.”

dude 2: “nah, man, there’s gotta be a ghost hit in there somewhere.”
when you inhale smoke from a cigarette, weed or any other smoke-able thing, and then p-ssing it on to another person by blowing it mouth to mouth, into theirs.
girl: hey give me a ghost hit?
boy: sure *takes drag out of joint, puts mouth on girl’s mouth and blows out*
when you have no weed but your pipe is loaded with resin, so you light up the empty bowl and still manage to get stoned.
“d-mn bro, had the worst headache this morning and no weed to help out. took a ghost hit off the pipe though and now i’m good to go.”

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