a word (or words) that don’t make sense or are jumbled in some way.
to tell you the truth, jf made a gif-gaff by saying fazz jestival instead of jazz festival.

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  • wall maria

    the only thing that bob the builder cannot fix. person: “hi this is bob the builder yes? ok can you fix wall maria?” bob the builder: “for the last time no im not even remotely related to attack on t-tan!! jesus f-cking christ…”

  • arijon

    a great farter and sucks at call of duty amazing at saying shut up and f-ck you. hey arijon stop farting.

  • freedom fog

    the smoke left in the air from either lighting a firework or a firework going off. the night sky was full of freedom fog on the fourth of july.

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  • b*llslack

    an elongated b-llsack that hangs well below the flacid p-n-s and is even more pr-nounced when erect. did you see al’s b-llslack when it was his turn to bang lori? his nuts were laying on the mattress when he was f-ckin’!

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