feeling sick, unwell
i am feeling decidedly gikka today having caught a bout of bubonic plague or some such ailment so i will not be working. hopefully be back tomorrow.

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  • poeche

    a dutch last name for a person with amazing talent, and is really s-xy melissa poeche is so good at drawing and looks good while doing it

  • typical 2k bullshit

    when you unexpectedly, uncontrollably get the ball off of a turnover in 2k, but then turn it right back over uncontrollably within 5 seconds. me: “wow, jake. that was typical 2k bullsh-t, and you know it!” jake: “yeah, you right. this game is so g-y for that.”

  • wet pipe

    someone who is usually of the female species who has the fundamental brain of a pipe. they seem as if the only thing flowing through their brain is water “she’s such a wet pipe, she doesn’t understand anything”

  • aux jew

    someone who would rather kill themselves than give up the aux cord. alright rhys hand over the aux, you’re being an aux jew

  • jessline

    the cutest mother that will ever live on earth of course… oh d-mn is that the motherly jessline?

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