the ugliest of all rats
omg gilinky is so annoying

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  • french silk

    the excess saliva after you seperate from making out that’s left on both people’s lips. she kisses so sloppy she always leaves french silk.

  • f*cksick

    when you want to f-ck someone a couple of times then move on cause you have nothing in common. dude, i’m f-cksick for this girl.

  • c*ckmuncheronionring

    c-ckmuncheronionring is also known as a gwilym named connor oh look that boi is a c-ckmuncheronionring

  • smearplanker

    a smearplanker is an individual who has a single piece of wood strapped to their feet (also referred to as a snowboard) and smears away all the fresh snow using the widest edge of their plank. god d-mn smearplanker pushing all the fresh snow to the bottom of the mountain.

  • psychographics

    related to demographics but psychographics is about likes interests values and brand affinities what we used to call culture is now tracked as psychographics by madison avenue.

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