a guy that is overly smooth or dressy, especially sharp like a razor
“you see the outfit on that gillette over there? dude’s socks were even ironed.”
the best a man can get
i tried this new gillette razor the other night, it was great!
a man -j-c-l-t-s on to the woman’s pubic hair and uses the s-m-n as shaving cream to shave them.
i was surprised how well the gillette worked on her crazy bush.
a s-x move made popular by gay couples, when one male -j-c-l-t-s onto anouther males face (or any body part that contains hair) then proceding to shave with a razor. the males s-m-n replaces the famous gillette shaving creame, hence the name gillette.
“d-mn i ran out of shaving creame….hey mike can you give me a gillette.”
a brand of razor blades used to cut, and or shape chopped cocaine into lines.
“gillette’s cut caine in the kitchen” – nas
any amazing person, most beautiful and loving . real (trill).
“gillette, the best a man can get ”
the best a man can get.
wow, the head my girlfriend gave me was gillette.

person 1: did you see that -ss.
person 2oh yeah, that is straight gillette.

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