absolute moron who acts like an idiot or does stupid things
look at him he is such a gimely

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  • dub c dub

    translates to ‘wcw’ or ‘woman crush wednesday’ “she my dub c dub erry wednesday night”

  • toe-verload

    the confusion produced when every direction that you look in there is fantastic looking camel toe i was in a super market parking when my friend, looking around, seeing nothing but hot women, exclaimed, i’m so confused. i said don’t sweat it, your just experiencing toe-verload

  • lizzard back

    the seam along the backside/bottom of one’s scr-t-m. that sloot licked me from my b-tth-l- to the d-ck end of my blizzard back.

  • whiskey behavior

    the risky or stupid behavior that occurs after drinking too much whiskey. bill: hey , did you see bob at the christmas party? he was h-tting on the boss’s wife. bruce: yeah, he was drinking straight jack all night, talk about whiskey behavior!

  • fumbly

    a mixture between clumsily and tentatively first s-xual experiences are often fumbly…after that it’s like riding a bicycle

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