bigger then ginormous
your muscles are ginormousir

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  • babystepping

    babystepping is when you are trying to walk through an obstructed area while intoxicated, causing you to loose footing and make little steps like a baby stumbling. i saw you babystepping by my xbox cables, don’t break my sh-t!

  • lord waffle beard

    a person or thing who tries too hard to be funny by being “random”, i.e. invader zim , foamy the squirrel. think old hot topic shirts and 13-year-old anime fans . “lord waffle beard is such a omg hold up teh spork!!!! random name”

  • r-squig

    the red squiggly line that underlines errors in text editing software such as microsoft word, sublime text, and visual studio code. 1.your program will not compile till you get rid of those r-squigs. 2. i don’t understand why students turn in their papers covered with r-squigs and expect to p-ss.

  • nogart

    to b-gart a joint/blunt/piece/etc., but not smoke it due to being already stoned/distracted whilst holding it. jimmy:(talking to others while holding joint) timmy:”jimmy, quit nogarting the f-ckin j”

  • la momma

    a phrase that cj came up with to mess with dajia but he doesn’t even know what it means. dajia: what does la momma mean? cj: idk, lets check urban dictionary

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