the g-y -ss website that allows you to add gifs to this website.
how the f-ck are you going to add a gif to your urban dictionary mug?

thanks a lot giphy.

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  • boofala

    the word boofala means the number one. that man or woman that make your heart melt and your bell ring. it is the perfect nickname for that special one. he or she is the emporer or emporist of your love life and nothing comes before her but money or kids. she is the biz-niez, i […]

  • herriman surprise

    when your friend sends you something in the mail secretly, trolls you about its existence and then cops an att-tude when you seek further details. jeff: “hey, matthew. i might have sent you something in the mail, don’t be mad.” matthew: “dammit! what did you send? when does it arrive?” jeff: “he he he he!” […]

  • korbenning

    korbenning is to shove large ammounts of c-m into ones -sshole via spoon roadman 1: yo bruv i really want to shove large ammounts of c-m straight up my -ss using a spoon you feel me roadman 2: well do it its called korbenning

  • harlem rice paddy

    when an asian man p–ps on a black womans back. wonna do a harlem rice paddy

  • snozzle tank

    a snozzle tank is a metal or fibergl-ss tank used to hold and store liquids. i need to order 5 snozzle tanks for this years winapalooza.

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