being very happy while showing signs of nervousness. being happy while exhibiting behavior -ssociated with not thinking clearly. one who is gitty often excessively smiles and acts silly.
i think she likes john because she is so gitty around him.
guy t-tties – usually caused by excessive weight, but could also be due to over working chest muscles
that guys is so fat his gitties need a bra.
a word derived from gigantic, and t-tties. hence: gitties. used only in extreme cases when t-tties are so huge, that they can no longer be simply described as just t-tties, and so gitties must be used instead. i must note: gitties are rare. you may never truely find actual gitties in the wild. but they’re out there. if you scope hard enough, you’ll know what they are when you find them.
i don’t scope for t-tties, i only scope for gitties.
when a gold coast raised child has an affair with a south sider.
thick d-ck makes me so gitty! not to be confused with giddy
s-x in the b-tt
do u want some gitty
describes a situation or thing that could have turned out better, an awkward/unusual situation or thing.
a horse with 7 legs? d-mn thats gitty!

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