girl i would f-ck
d-mn abby is a giwf

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  • daddy dom rules

    a daddy dom should: *cuddle his little girl until she smiles. *kiss her till she sighs. *spank her till it stings. *finger her until she is soaked. *lick her till she shudders. *f-ck her till she screams. *and always respect her! “oh i love my daddy dom he always follows the daddy dom rules!

  • follover

    when you want people to follow you on instagram (and other places) but you’re so over it. me: i want follovers. also me: (does nothing special, or merely creative and expects regonotion for just breathing & and existing) an example of a person who did that: kim kardashian

  • mc lit sandwich

    a step up from using the phrase “lit”. man 1:”hey bro you hungry?” man 2:”yea man let’s get sonic.” man 1:”alright. i’ll buy.” man 2:”mc lit sandwich bro”

  • blicit

    either your saying it and calling some one cute or bye or cool in each meaning is different oh alright bro, blicit

  • martyshini

    an unexplainable extraterrestrial orangy colored sauce did you buy some martyshini sauce?

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