to be a complete and utter tosspot
oi stop it you pair of gizoids!

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  • backseat shenanigans

    when someone does something mischevious, s-xual or otherwise in the backseat of a vehicle. -common in black vl non-turbos- person 1: “ey, what’s this sticky stuff in the backseat of your vl?” person 2: “was it paul and vanessa’s backseat shenanigans after jimmies?” person 1: “it was, those h-rny f-cks!” person 2: “doesn’t he live […]

  • Backwards Jew

    a person of jewish decent that that spends too much or is too generous with their money. you always tip too much zenkerman, you backwards jew.


    when one sits on the toilette and sprays the bowl with fecal rainbows creating a beautiful painting thats porceline painting baby my god i just sh-t me a vango what a great porceline painting worthy of a mueseum

  • Emo Bot

    a net poster who creates a (fake) heartfelt scenario to attract bleeding souls. that ‘kotter’…to think that i actually believed her…what an emo bot. a whining, depressed, self defeatist. best used by transformers fans, or transfans, because the king emobot was rodimus prime. man, did you hear rodimus talking to himself how he’ll never live […]

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    paid every 2 weeks, this means into the 2nd week, the payees are beginning to feel the pinch of not budgeting their 2 week pay to last 2 weeks…. one dude to another: getting paid e2w sux! another: i know, i’m like so low on money, it’s ramen noodle time. dude: i need to be […]

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