your partner in drinkinking water, juice etc.
my new gl-ssmate is frankliene. would you like to meet her?

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  • glossjob

    a facial c-m shot with no swallowing. specifically, deposing a large load on the lip and mouth region. “i totally gave her a glossjob”

  • Glow Worm

    self-shot of a man’s p-n-s taken at close proximity causing a glowing effect from the blinding light of the camera flash. the p-n-s in the picture then resembles the popular 1980’s stuffed toy “glow worm”. dumb-ss you should have shut the flash of so you didn’t get a glow worm! members of a hazardous materials […]

  • gmony

    borrowed from the word hegemony, gmony refers to one who is a leader in her field. an entrepreneur who likes to donate to the fair housing fund and who appreciates the support of her community. this word has no link to substance abuse or gang activity and should not have been labeled as such by […]

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    derived from diddler, a goat diddler is a person who fantasizes, almost fanatically, about engaging in a s-xual act(s) with the immature capra aegagrus hircus (commonly the goat). s-xual relations with a goat is not actually necessary, thoughts alone are sufficient to be deemed a goat diddler. for obvious reasons, most goat diddlers have a […]

  • goatie

    a smaller/shorter version of a beard, a much better and cooler style of facial hair, usualy on younger dudes that dude should really trim his goatie, it exceeds his face like 3 inches bart

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