a noun…… any noun…… whenever it feels like a gewd place to put it.
“im gonna punch you in tha glaven”
“row row row your glaven”
“old mcglaven had a glaven”
“you see that glaven?”
“you little glaven!”
“oh my glaven!!!!!!11one”
some crazy word made up by some crazy guy named proffeser john frink who will make you think most probably he uses it in place of a swear word.
some guy: i killa you!
(he hits frink with a bat)
frink: with all the pain and the hurting and the crying to mummy. mm… glaven!
shy around girls.
eddy is the epitome of glaven.
a nerd that’s cool.
“he’s a nerd, he plays computer games”
“naa, he’s glaven”
a word to be used when you can’t think of the right one
“yeah, i went to the store to pick up some glaven”
something groghan says a lot.
“hey maaaaan, what’s goin’ on?” -gets close up to your grill- “glaven!!!”
it means herion the drug
we went to go to the city to get some glaven, or we need to get some glave, a dealer can be called the glavianator

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